Professional development: the new free lunch 🍕

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Don't get me wrong...

everyone loves a free lunch, unless it's pizza again, then maybe not.

In today's economy and job market, employers have to be so completely focused on differentiating themselves, or else they risk becoming irrelevant and out of touch to the modern day worker. An amazing way to set yourself apart is by offering avant-garde benefits to all employees.

Here's some obvious reasons why:

  • Employees have more information than ever. They are surrounded by content from hi-tech industries' Instagram and LinkedIn feeds boasting about their nap cubicles, onsite saunas and annual company trips to Bali.

  • Because of that information, they have really high expectations. They expect more than just a good job, salary, and annual bonus. They want PERKS. (even if it's not a trip to Bali)

  • The ball is in their court. In the current economy and cliche war on talent, the best talent is already scooped up and Average Joe is being contacted at least 3 times a month about another exciting opportunity!

Introducing - inclusive development benefits...

and I'm not talking about the standard 'stuff' offered by most employers.

I'm talking about resources available to every employee; not just the 'high-potentials' and the 'emerging leaders' and the executives who've already made to the top of the food chain. The problem I have with these types of programs isn't that they are providing opportunities to the top 10% of the workforce, but that they aren't also providing them to the rest of the employees.

Let's do some math...

Say a 40,000 person organization provides professional development to the top 10% of their workforce via leader training programs, career coaching, invites to networking events, first pick at every opening, and so on. (For the record, this is very, very common)

That's 4,000 people being invested in and 36,000 people who aren't! 36,000!

90% of the workforce is having to wack their way out of the weeds to get noticed, let alone be chosen for the next emerging leader cohort, or invited to the executive networking event.

It's time to stop ignoring the {middle 50}...

and I'm not talking about age.

I'm talking about the other 36,000 employees who are dying for some coaching sessions, or an assessment to aid in self awareness, or maybe those just needing help navigating the organization, time management training, or someone to walk them through how to give and receive feedback.

Trust me when I say, they'd value this benefit far more than a quarterly pizza party.

At Hicks Resources...

we believe everyone deserves opportunities for development.

That's why we offer:

  • affordable and inclusive onsite and/or video-virtual career coaching for all employees

  • Judgement Index™ assessments that quickly get to the core of development as if we are peeling back an onion

  • personal branding consults & lunch-n-learns because well...#Facebook

  • plug-n-play resources & content so the employer can focus on running the business


I've worked for Fortune 100, Fortune 50, a small tech start up and a mid sized insurance company + conducted so much research it's embarrassing... and no one is doing this. The options and customization are endless, and the cost is so reasonable you'll be #shook. But, the real value comes from employees who feel invested in, engaged and empowered. Employees who will ignore that Headhunter's LinkedIn message because their current company values them too much. (hey, that's you!)

Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation about how Hicks Resources can help you add exponential value to your employee benefits package.

Until next time -


P.S. Want more ideas for beefing up your benefits? In this post I share 8 more fast and affordable ideas! See you then!

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